What the Internet Has Killed

There is no doubt that the Internet has brought huge benefit to the humankind. However, incredible development of new technologies has led to considerable changes in our habits and our lifestyle as well, and some items have become the rarities from the past. Here are only some things which we are not likely to use any more as the Internet has “killed” them.

Video Rental stores are one of the victims of the Internet. Nowadays everybody can download any movie for free and there is no need to rent or exchange videos any more. That’s why a great number of video rents went bankrupts soon after the Internet torrents became a widespread phenomenon.

45-hour working week nowadays also belongs to the past. With the help of the Internet we can receive business emails, messages, documents and requests all day long, and night time is not exception. So, we can enjoy keeping in touch with our bosses all the time we are online – that is, practically always.

Handwritten letters were also unsparingly killed by modern technologies. There is no long love letters any more, and it is possible even to break up via the Internet. It is faster and more convenient but less romantic at the same time.

Heavy volumes of different manuals and schoolbooks are also practically forgotten nowadays as all information can be found on Wikipedia and other related sites. Libraries are not widely needed any more as well and they start resembling museums where people go to find some rare edition or smell the dust of the centuries.

Telephone books are also out of use as we can find the number of any organization or service in the Internet without the necessity to turn yellow pages of the volume.

The Internet has killed some valuable immaterial things as well, such as vacation, for instance. We can be reached in any place of the world and, besides, we are often not eager to stay out of connection so our iPads and Smartphones lie close to us on the beach. Another thing we have almost lost is privacy. All kinds of information about us can be found in the Internet. Moreover, most of us do not want to hide anything from the rest of the world and post private information as well as photos on social networks.

Such changes do not mean that the world has become better or worse. It is just that it has become different, and we should keep pace with it while trying to preserve the things we like about the past.

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