Slacklining – Keep Your Balance

Spare time should be devoted to some pleasant activity, but if this activity also contributes to the development of our physical skills it is even better. Slacklining presents a kind of entertainment which teaches you to keep your balance and have fun at the same time. This activity becomes more and more popular nowadays so it will present no difficulty to you to enter the local slackline community.

So, what is slacklining, after all? Actually, it is a kind of tightrope walking, but instead of a rope you use nylon webbing fastened to two solid points. Comparing to a rope, the slack line is not so stable which allows you to perform different stunts and jumps while walking. This activity can be of various types and you can choose the one which suits you best. It can be water slacklining when the line is stretched over the water surface, or highlining which means that you should perform your tricks on some considerable height, or trickling which is the most spectacular yet the most difficult kind.

Slacklines differ from each other depending on their length and width. The standard length is fifteen meters. As for the width, it should be about 50 mm.

If you are ready to start practicing you should observe some useful tips for the beginners. First of all, you should fasten your slackline not high above the land – the level f fifty centimeters will be enough for a start. Put your foot on the slackline so that the line will be in the center. To prevent the slackline from shaking transfer the weight of your body on this foot not gradually but at once. If you feel you can not stand up, ask one of your friends to sit on the middle part of the slackline to make it more stable.

The first exercise is just balancing on the slackline on one foot as long as possible. If you lose your balance, just jump down on the ground. Repeat the exercise with both feet alternately. When you become good in keeping balance, start making steps putting your feet along the slackline. Regain your balance before making every step and do not look down – it is better to choose some point three meters far from you and keep looking at it. For the beginners it is recommended to start walking from the middle of the slackline rather than from its beginning.

If you feel that you are ready for some more complicated task you may begin practicing slackline yoga. The process includes performing traditional yoga postures while keeping your balance on the slackline. It is the essence of concentration and a pure joy of controlling your body. If you look for something more impressive, you can try practicing various tricks, such as walking backwards or juggling. You should also the preventive measures against receiving injuries. Learn the proper manner of falling – the safest way is to roll down if you feel that you are losing your balance instead of waving your hands in despair.

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