What Do You Know about Indonesia?

What do we know about Indonesia, a mysterious and distant country which lays on the both sides of the Equator, except the fact that famous island Bali belongs to it? Meanwhile, this country has plenty interesting things to offer – unknown Borobudur, Borneo jungles, Komodo dragons… You will find a great number of reasons to love this country once you will arrive to it.

The main island of archipelago is Java as the capital of the country – Jakarta, is situated there. However, if you want to be surrounded with the unique culture of the locals, you should better go to Yogyakarta, which is also located there. It presents a separate independent region –sultanate, while the rest of Indonesia is republic. In this city you will have a great opportunity to visit the sultan’s palace – Kraton. Between Kraton and Ngasem Street there is a wonderful complex of buildings – Water Palace Taman Sari which presents a park with a lot of baths for concubines, wives and princesses. Underground mosque Sumur Guluming will produce strong impression on you as well. Probably, the most fantastic place on Yogyakarta is mysterious Borobudur which is situated in Kedu Valley. It looks like a stair-step pyramid but repeats the shape of mandala – a symbolic image of the universe. If you need to make a decision you should just sit on the top of it and the right thought will come to you out of the blue.

There is a chain of islands to the east of Java, and Lombok is among the most interesting of them. The name of the island means “Chili pepper”, by the way. Here you can watch the life of people as it was thousands years ago. Visit Sengkol village – half-naked locals and huts will make you believe that you have traveled back in time. Pura Lingsar, a huge temple ensemble, is another wonderful site of this island.

In Indonesia you can visit the performance of a shadow pantomime theater – there are plenty of them all over the country. Or you can buy a batik picture drawn by some local painter – batik is a traditional souvenir of this culture. You will be also provided with an opportunity to wear sarong and a wide smile – inseparable attribute of all locals. Unique plant and animal life of the islands will not leave you indifferent as well. Ride small horses of Sumba island, meet Barong who performs in all traditional rituals and enjoy funny gray monkeys of Pusuk jungle on Lombok.

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