Games Cause Adolescent Obesity

The computer games appear to arouse appetite of children and make the risk of developing obesity much higher. According to the opinion of experts this fact explains why the children who spend much time in front of a computer screen shooting their foes and chasing after the artifacts often show the excessive figures of their body mass index while being examined.

The scientists studied the body mass indicators of a group consisting of 17-year old teens, who played computer and video games for an hour each day and then had a nap. The researchers took their blood samples each 10 minutes during the teenagers were having rest. This was done to measure the amount of calories burnt during this short period of time. After gaming and having a nap the teenagers were offered a serving of cheesy pasta.

The results turned out to be the following. During one hour of playing the computer games the teenager’s body manages to burn only 20 calories more than while the one-hour nap. However after that the teens consumed the amount food which contained 80 calories. That is 60 calories more compared to the amount of burnt ones. That means if a teen would play video games for three hours he may consume 180 extra calories. That is a serving of a fatty ice-cream with chocolate syrup on top.

The spokesman of the UK Association of The People Who Battled Obesity David Huslam considers that while playing video games the children not only lack physical activity but also eat more which results in gaining excessive weight. He underlines that there is nothing particularly harmful in video games but the amount of time the children spend on them should be restricted by their parents. It will help the children to avoid various health problems connected with their weight later.

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