What to do when you don’t know what to do

1 Read a book;

2 Read a journal: see what people are talking about today and what they are wearing;

3 Watch a movie;

4 See how your friends on Facebook are doing: write to an old friend whom you haven’t seen for ages and have a nice conversation with them;

5 Play Farmville. Or whatever it is other people are playing on Facebook;

6 Find a bunch of funny cat pictures and demotivators, have a nice laugh;

7 Google some interesting facts, like “the youngest mother”, you will be shocked, it will keep you busy for a while;

8 Watch some makeover shows;

9 Find some interesting TV series that will keep you busy for a long time;

10 Meet someone online and stay up all night talking;

11 Go shopping: buy some new clothes, or a phone, or a bass guitar, or an ice-cream;

12 Walk around – go see some places you have never seen before;

13 Go to the movies with your friends or alone;

14 Go have a meal with a date or a friend, have a nice talk over a cup of coffee;

15 Go to a Speed Dating party;

16 Go to a spa-salon (no matter if you are a guy or a girl, they give nice massages to everyone);

17 If you see someone you like, come over and talk;

18 Give a flower of a balloon to a stranger;

19 Call your parents or / and siblings and have a nice long talk;

20 Do your laundry;

21 Clean the apartment;

22 Find a new recipe online and cook something delicious;

23 Find information about tasty and healthy food;

24 Do some exercises, go for a run, join a gym or go to a swimming pool;

25 Have a party, invite over some cool people;

26 Even if you are home alone – dance to the music;

27 Listen to the music and sing along holding hairs brush in if you are a girl or a shampoo bottle if you are a guy;

28 Have sex;

29 Take a long relaxing bubble bath with candles and music;

30 Give your partner massage, or give yourself a massage: massage your feet;

31 Watch the news;

32 Pay your bills. Although it is not much fun.

33 Learn how to knit and make a little cute thing, like a pencil holder or something;

34 Play with your cat;

35 Talk to your cat;

36 Feed your cat;

37 Brush your cat;

38 Wash your cat (not in a washing machine);

39 Iron what you washed in item # 20;

40 Learn how to use Photoshop or other cool program;

41 Dream about your own beach house;

42 Choose a name for your future children;

43 Start your blog, it’s fun;

45 Have a good sleep;

46 Think about what you want from your life, Google some courses and take one;

47 Go do something crazy, like parachute jumping;

48 Play a video game;

49 Take some pictures;

50 Think of something to do tomorrow.

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