People of Egypt

Egypt is the land of contrasts. On the one hand its citizens respect their ancient traditions and do their best to keep them. On the other hand this country accepts the modern lifestyle and introduces the innovations in technologies and architecture. The native dwellers of Egypt are the people who get the largest part of their financial profit from the tourist business. That’s why the Egyptians are quite hospitable and have the respectful attitude to the numerous tourists visiting their country. Sometimes the staff members of some hotels act a little bit obtrusively as they offer to purchase some additional services but that is not a problem at all usually.

The capital of Egypt Cairo is the amazing city which population exceeds 22 million people. The population of Egypt doesn’t exceed 70 million of people on the whole. But could you imagine that there are no traffic rule in Cairo? The car drivers usually respect each other and their attitude to traffic jams is surprisingly calm.

There are still the strict cast division in Egypt among the natives. The are called “lower”, “medium”, “upper” classes. The representatives of lower class usually live in the family crypts situated the city slums called “the city of the dead”. The inhabitants of “the city of dead” are usually homeless who don’t have enough money to buy an accommodation. They buy a place in the family crypt and spend the rest of their life there. In that way their problems are supposed to be solved.

The middle class lives in the unfinished construction buildings in order not to pay taxes. As soon as the family extends the new story is commonly built. Some of these incomplete houses are painted with the bottled spray paint. The upper class lives in splendid houses and mansions.

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