What Do Women Want to Change in Men

Every women tries to change the habits, personal features and staff in the life of her husband or boyfriend. That may happen either consciously or unconsciously. It is important for men to decide if they can put up with the current situation or not. So if you think that your girlfriend put too much pressure upon you it is necessary to dot all it’s from the very beginning of your relationships otherwise it would be too late. Here is the list of the most common things that women try to change or adjust to their own idea of a right lifestyle.

  • Your outfits. OK, you suppose that navy blue trousers perfectly match black leather shoes and it’s no necessary to put another shirt on every morning. If you are quite sure that you have developed unique style that suits your appearance and personality there is a point in retaining it. To keep to your personal style avoid going shopping together with your girlfriend. If she gives you a tie or any other garment accept it with a smile but make a hint that “it’s not actually the right color or fabric”.

  • Your eating habits. The women do their best to cut off consuming french fries and potato crisps from our diet completely. Believe her when she keeps saying that is better for your health. You will have to put up with her queer meals if she keeps to a diet herself. Another way is to cook the real meals at least occasionally. You may also try to help her doing shopping for food.
  • Your friends. Your wife ties to prevent you from meeting with your bachelor friend and approves only of the formal dinners with married couples. That situation can be explained easily. She simply is worried that your friends will have the negative impact on your relationships. Be sure that your wife thinks your friends are constantly imposing you to creep her. Assure her that your friend are as “dangerous” as her single pals.

  • You small “harmful” habits. If your wife is against your spending the whole evenings at the computer screen, reading those “grotty” magazines you may say some mild jokes upon her addiction to sun tan or eating tiramisu. But be careful as women are sensitive fragile creatures and can get offended easily.

All these tips will be helpful only if the both sides are open to communication and eager to find a compromise.

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