Your Car Is Not the Place to Sleep

Every man who has a driving license is eager to earn the reputation of the king of the road. Driving is one of the most pleasant activities for men, and the car always becomes their second home. However, there is one significant difference from the real home – it is not allowed to sleep while “living” in the car – in other words, you must not fall asleep when driving no matter what long distance you have to cover. If you want to remain the master of situation, you can observe some simple recommendations in order to fight driving fatigue.

Make your brain and your muscles work – it will distract your attention from the desire to sleep. Clamp and unclamp a hand expander when you are in a traffic jam or driving on an empty highway. Your brain will think about the movements and your hands will be occupied with work as well. However, this work should not be monotonous, so change the hands from time to time.

Smell is a powerful means of waking you up as well. Some fragrances are especially useful at invigorating your nervous system. You should use flavor enhancer with star anise, orange and basil for this purpose.

You should also drink as much as possible. It will help you to prevent your body from dehydration which is the main enemy of clear mind and good memory. However, you should choose proper beverage and the best of them is water. It is better to refuse from tea and coffee as caffeine wakes you up only in the morning hours, while it is effect on the exhausted nervous system can be pretty negative.

Stiff muscles increase the feeling of fatigue and apathy, so you should perform some simple tasks while driving – strain and relax your press, stretch your body and make circular movements with your head.

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