Cyber Sex Addiction: Causes and Effects

According to the article published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice journal the people who spend more than 11 hours surfing the websites containing pornography materials show the signs of the psychological distress and admit that their addiction turns out to cause the problems in their real-life relationships.

Among the 57 million of the U. S. Internet users approximately 15 % visit the sexually oriented websites or play pornographic games regularly. As a rule occasional visiting such internet resources doesn’t affect the life quality of the average users. But 8 % of all the internet users in the USA show the signs of the real cyber sex addiction.

“Web resources play an important role in the sexuality of a human. Its importance is evidently underestimated nowadays”- states Elvin Cooper, the leading specialist of San Jose Marital and Sexuality Center in California. He also adds that the main factors of this phenomenon are the advantages provided by the universal accessibility and anonymousness.

Elvin Cooper and his colleagues have made a research among the visitors of the MSNBC web resource. The questionnaire consisting of 59 items was answered by more than 9 000 of anonymous users. According to the data received the most part of the internet users come to the xxx portals searching for additional information or entertainment. The ones who are physically challenged see the internet as the single way to express their sexuality.

It has also become clear that the majority of the people have the access to the xxx resources via their personal computers. 5.8 % of all the interviewees use their work computers for that aim and 12.7 % of them use every opportunity to log in the porn sites.

Cooper assumes that cyber sex can’t be either good or bad by itself. The matter is that the sexually addicted people lose control of their wishes since they receive the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs easily.

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