5 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Women

People meet each other, date with each other, fall in love with each other but also quarrel and split up. And it doesn’t matter how strong the desire to keep the man by your side is, if he wants to go away he will leave you by all means. There is a great number of reasons why this happens and the banal difference in personalities has nothing to do with all these break-ups. The things are much more complicated than they seem to be.

  • The rule of the three. Men like the women who are able to perform the three different roles simultaneously. They are lover, mother and friend. The main thing is to combine all the three aspects in harmony. If you will have any skewness you’ve got no chances.
  • To conquer a man’s heart a woman should cook well. Even if you didn’t know how to cook scrambled eggs in the beginning of your relationships your wish to improve your coking skills would be appreciated. If you prefer saying “I can’t cook” or “Let’s eat out” you man may leak into another door which smells like pudding and fried chicken breasts.
  • All the men are hunters by their nature. Even if they suppose they have forgotten about that role long ago the still need to feel the rush of chase from time to time. Let your man hunt you sometimes and he’ll always stay interested in you.
  • Don’t call him on the phone every single minute. If you can control you desire to call him again don’t also forget about text messages. Is’ not a surprise that the most part of men get irritated by the constant texting, calling, chatting and mailing. They simply accept that endless wish to talk as the try to take control over them.

  • Love. After all love is the main thing that doesn’t let your man go. If there are no real and deep feeling all the mentioned above would b in vain. That’s why the mutual love is the thing that help the couples to overcome their problems.

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