Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

Country Man in overalls with Shotgun

In fact all the ideas about fighting zombie are about the following things. One need to prepare the weapon, munition, products, car and clothes. As soon as the first signs of zombie apocalypse appear the survivor should damage the resurgent corpses with the accurate headshots, neglect his family and friends, drive towards the refuge shelter which should be ready beforehand and sit there waiting for the freaking disaster pass away.

Here are the rules for the beginning zombie apocalypse survivalists. However you may use these tips in any other emergency situations. Basically zombie apocalypse survival tips

  1. Don’t panic!

Remember that uncontrollable panic is the your main enemy in any situation. That also goes for zombie apocalypse as well. To avoid panic you should always be ready for zombie attack.

  1. Stay fit!

Zombie apocalypse possibility is the great motivation for picking up attending a gym. If you are able to run fast and overcome various obstacles on your track you will get away from zombie. However it is quite possible that zombies won’t be like those clumsy creepy creatures shown in movies. Mutation, virus or genetic engineering may create the fast and smart creatures with extreme physical power. You will need to be faster and cleverer in that case.

  1. Take only the necessary stuff with you.

During any disaster one should evaluate the time for evacuation and take the most necessary things with him. First of all you will need your passport, driving license or any document proving your identity. Always carry it around. If you have only several seconds grab any object that will be a good weapon. That may be a kitchen knife, gas cartridge, large and sharp glass or china chip. You will be able to grab all the necessary things from the others with the help of weapon.

If you have 5 or 10 minutes take the food for the next 72 hours, put the warm clothes on, take batteries, portable radio, drinking water, matches and some proper weapon against zombie like ax or pry. Get in the car and drive away as fast as you can.

If you wish to be always ready for Doomsday visit http://lifehacker.com/5892839/what-to-put-in-a-doomsday-or-disaster-survival-kit .

  1. Avoid areas with dense population.

Drive away from towns and cities. The more people get infected or turned into zombies in any other manner the more dangerous they become.

  1. Homo homini lupus eat.

Remember that any infected person who is showing the signs of turning into a zombie (like high temperature, vomiting or atony) isn’t your friend, relative or beloved anymore. That is just the dead corpse working as a shell for the monster’s brain. Hit this zombie in the head and run away! Kill it while it hasn’t killed you!

  1. Wait for the help.

But be ready for surviving during your whole life. Try to use the natural resources wisely .

  1. Remember how do the characters of zombie move act.

And do everything vice versa.

But the way, are you sure that zombie apocalypse hasn’t come yet? 15 signs that the zombie apocalypse is here


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