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5 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Women

People meet each other, date with each other, fall in love with each other but also quarrel and split up. And it doesn’t matter how strong the desire to keep the man by your side is, if he wants to go away he will leave you by all means. There is a great number of reasons why this happens and the banal difference in personalities has nothing to do with all these break-ups. The things are much more complicated than they seem to be.

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Anti Drug Campaign Makes Teenagers Try Drugs

The medical journal called “The Lancet” has published he results of the research called “How to Influence the People’s Attitude towards their Health with the Help of Mass media”. The co-authors of the article were professor Melanie Wakefield, the director of Human Behavior Research Center, Barbara Loken, the professor of the Minnesota University (USA), Robert Hornik (Robert C. Hornik), the professor of the Annenberg Institute at the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

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What to do when you don’t know what to do

1 Read a book;

2 Read a journal: see what people are talking about today and what they are wearing;

3 Watch a movie;

4 See how your friends on Facebook are doing: write to an old friend whom you haven’t seen for ages and have a nice conversation with them;

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Slacklining – Keep Your Balance

Spare time should be devoted to some pleasant activity, but if this activity also contributes to the development of our physical skills it is even better. Slacklining presents a kind of entertainment which teaches you to keep your balance and have fun at the same time. This activity becomes more and more popular nowadays so it will present no difficulty to you to enter the local slackline community.

So, what is slacklining, after all? Actually, it is a kind of tightrope walking, but instead of a rope you use nylon webbing fastened to two solid points. Comparing to a rope, the slack line is not so stable which allows you to perform different stunts and jumps while walking. This activity can be of various types and you can choose the one which suits you best. It can be water slacklining when the line is stretched over the water surface, or highlining which means that you should perform your tricks on some considerable height, or trickling which is the most spectacular yet the most difficult kind.

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